left hand side border Winter Sea
© Gemma L. Holliday
19th November 2001
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Itís that time of year again
The weatherís turned colder
My breath mists before me
And the nights
Have drawn in
Soon the Solstice will arrive
Then we can truly say
Winter is here
Autumn irrevocably gone
The trees whose colour
So delighted
Now are mere skeletons of wood
Greenery can still be found
In mantles
Donning the shoulders of mountains
And vestiges of purple
Cling doggedly
To lonely hillsides

Gone is the season of change
Heralding the onset of winter
The nights
Longer now
A darker shade of indigo
With the bright stars
In cloudless depths
A bitter wind howls round me
As I wander in the night
I let my feet guide my path
Conscious mind put aside

I find myself on a deserted beach
With not a soul
For miles
Upon empty miles
The wind whips up sand sprites
That dance for my pleasure
They spin and weave
To the oceans subtle counterpoint
The white peaks seem larger
With more vigour
There is a sense
Of anticipation
They seem in a rush
To reach the shore
I idly wonder
What they know
What secrets
They could reveal
And I smile to myself
As I let their soothing motion
My agitated thoughts
I let my mind roam
Not wanting to worry
About what the future may hold
Thatís a concern for tomorrow
Tonight is only about now

I can feel the pull of the sea
The steady lap
Of waves on the shore
Lull me
Into a deeper sense of peace
This little stroll
Has served its purpose
I smile as I am filled
With confidence
All will be well
I have nothing to fear
As I turn homeward
I first face the sea
I close my eyes
And offer silent thanks
Once again
That Great Lady has helped
The stress that I function under
Once again reduced
Through her calming influence
As I stand
I notice a difference
Feather-light pinpricks of icy cold
Begin to dance upon my face
I smile
For there is but one thing they could be
I open my eyes to see
My hunch confirmed
Delicate white flakes of snow
Fall languorously from
The eternal depths of night
And I know for sure that
At this moment
There is nothing to fear

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