left hand side border The Vampire's Lament
© Gemma L. Holliday
27th October 2002
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The skeletons rise
And dance to the pale moonlight
The full orbís glow
Obscured by darkning clouds
The cold windís bite
The dancing lightning
And pounding rain
Provide a comfort
For those of us who walk the night

For tonight
The demon in human guise
Can show her face

For tonight
I am truly
Who I have always been

I no longer have to hide
Behind a false mask
Like the trick-or-treaters
Masquerading behind goblin faces
And pumpkin lights

A flickering shadow
Runs among the graves
A black cat
My only saving grace
The ghosts of the past
Cry in horrific harmony
Pulling my soul back into darkness

The vampireís sweet kiss
Will bring you all you could wish for
I am The Count
And I am come for you.

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