left hand side border Vampire Dreams
© Gemma L. Holliday
5th April 2002
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I am the soul of night
My hand is that of chaos
My heart is cold and dead
There is one thing
One thing
That will make my blood
That will give me
Once again
Some semblance of life
Allowing me
A taste of that which I am denied
And will make my soul
It's the Pulse
That runs through
It throbs throughout the
And reverberates
Within my soul
It is a high
A beat
Better than anything
I have ever experienced
And though the price
Is high
I gladly pay it
Time and time again
I can feel my body
With the Pulse
With the Need
And naught
But fresh blood
Will suffice
To quell my desire
To quench the flames
Raging in my blood
So I patiently wait
As someone is sure
To stumble
Upon my lair

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