left hand side border The Storm
© Gemma L. Holliday
23rd September 2002
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Storm clouds gather
O'er this dark and savage land
Blackening the sky and hiding the sun
Cruel winds howl
Tearing at trees
No more than twisted skeletons
Mere shadows of their former glory
And a bitter rain falls
Cold, driving, hard
Battering down everything that stands in its way

This once beautiful land
Now dark, desolate and foreboding
Groans under the weight
Of the storm of human cares
The dark satanic mills of life
Grinding every last ounce
From poor hearts and souls
Whose only crime is hope

Storm clouds gather
Yet they do not cover this land completely
Tiny shafts of light pierce through
Illuminating the old ruins of life
But they are not enough
As storm clouds gather
O'er this dark and savage land

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