left hand side border The Dance
© Gemma L. Holliday
2nd August 2002
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The roses have overgrown everything
Surrounding us with their heavenly scent
Lifting our spirits as we stand in this deserted hall
The enchantment this place has always held
Works it's magic with our weary souls
And my heart sings in joy, as it is once again
Filled to overflowing with love and hope
Elegantly, I bow to her, offering my hand
Silently, asking her to dance
As our hands meet, I feel that silent click
Of our souls coming together once again
As the delicate strains of a stately waltz
Echo through the room
I draw her into my embrace as we begin to dance
A warm breeze flutters around us
Moving the roses to join us
A subtle counterpoint to our own rhythm
As the rhapsody and music combine
To lift our souls together
Ever higher and closer
Slowly, her hands move over me
Caressing my face, touching my body
As the heavenly beat surrounds us
Her touch promising an eternity together
As we move, it gently it begins to rain
Yet, neither of us cares
As that gentle fall only serves
To reaffirm our love
Renewing and refreshing it
As the rain does for life itself
And once again I am filled with wonder
That this beautiful woman
Held securely and lovingly in my arms
Has consented to share her life with me
Yet I know it could be no other way
For we belong to each other
And have come home

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