left hand side border Shards
© Gemma L. Holliday
6th April 2003
                hand side border

Swirling doubt surrounds me
Beating me against barriers of grief
Pain crashes through me
Tossing me against walls of apathy

A ring of thorns surrounds my heart
Too long rent by the rigours of life
Pierced by those careless of self
Needing to be healed

Wanting to be loved
Yet the hurdles of need too high
As careless words trip my feet
I fall amidst the shards of trust

Once again I lie bleeding
Upon the path of life
Impaled upon the wreckage
Of what I once held so dear

The shards of life litter my path
Slicing through carefully wrought armour
The need to love and be loved
Now insurmountable obstacles

In a world kept spinning by hope
Trust was once the key
Yet no longer is there a bond of brothers
Simply strangers passing through

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