left hand side border Morituri te Salutant
© Gemma L. Holliday
30th October 2001
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We who are about to die salute you,
It is not a choice we have made freely,
But it was our choice to go out fighting.

We are but toy soldiers in a field of blood
In a building dedicated to death
We fight so you may be amused.

We are the faceless few.

Those who survived the conquest of our lands
Yet, we would rather be free,
To live and love as we did before
But, sold as slaves
We live only to die.

At the expense of spirit
In a waste of shame
We try to forget.

Once we were free,
Once like you
Now you mock us.
You shout and jeer as we fight,
For a few more days
Of existence
Not life.
Never again shall we lay claim to that
So we stand and deliver ourselves to a cruel fate,
Morituri te Salutant!

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