left hand side border Meant To Be
© Gemma L. Holliday
7th December 2002
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I stand quietly
She is unaware of her beauty
It shines from within
Like a fiery beacon
Beckoning me to her
Like a moth to the flame
She is perfection
Yet she knows it not

I stand quietly
The gentle rise and fall
Of her shoulders as she breaths
The delicate curve of her back
Begging for my hands to run its length
She is perfection
Grace and beauty
Yet she knows it not

I stand quietly
Upon her solitary reflections
There is so much I want to tell her
So much I fear to say
She is all I ever want
All I shall ever need
She is my completion
And I fear
She knows it not

I stand quietly
With inner fears
Yet the graceful line of her neck
Is too tempting to let go
Gently I move up behind her
And allow my hands
To play lightly upon her skin
As I whisper in her ear
I love you

She turns to face me
Letting the sheet fall from her hands
A beatific smile playing upon her lips
And she takes me into her arms
Love shining from her eyes
Gently I let down her hair
As she captures my lips in a searing kiss
Her whispered words of love
Reverberate throughout my soul
And I know

This is meant to be

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