left hand side border The Dark
© Gemma L. Holliday
8th July 2002
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Darkness swirls throughout
It surrounds me,
Invades my mind
And holds me in its sweet embrace.

It protects,
For what cannot be seen, cannot be harmed

It hides,
Obscuring my heart behind a shadowy veil

I am hidden in the dark,
And dead inside.

I feel nothing,
There is no love in me
But neither is there hate.

All the light is extinguished
If my soul was ever lit to begin with
And I wonder how my heart can ache
For something it has never felt

I hold no fear of this eternal night
Although I long for something more

I long to no longer feel empty
I desire the light upon my soul.

I hope
And yet I fear.

So I keep myself hidden
Surrounded by the dark.
Safe in the knowledge
That if they cannot find me,
They can never hurt me.

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