left hand side border I Can Barely Wait
© Gemma L. Holliday
23rd October 2002
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Thereís something different about you today,
And I canít quite place it.
But what ever it is,
Itís driving me wild.

Iím not sure whether itís the new hair style,
Or the perfume youíre wearing.

It could be those skintight jeans,
Or that sexy walk of yours.

Your voice has always caused my soul to soar
As your silken tones
Glide across my skin.

Your eyes have always captured me
In their intense beauty
And honesty

Your temper is a fiery thing
Yet shows me your nature

But there is something else today
Thereís a predatory gleam in your eyes
When you look at me

Your gaze holds the knowledge
Iíve been hoping to see
And is sending my pulse soaring

My body shivers in anticipation of your touch
And I can feel the desire race through my veins
As you slowly stalk towards me

I can barely wait

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