left hand side border Alone In The Rain
© Gemma L. Holliday
5th August 2002
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Night falls
And darkness creeps across the land.
Angry clouds swarm across the sky
The sun again put to rest

No longer does light illuminate
Keeping the shadows at bay
Long fingers reach out for me
As I wander the lonely streets.

I stand alone in the rain
Deserted by hope
Forsaken by love
Vacant eyes a mirror into my soul.

No one shares these streets with me
As I tread my weary way
No one would dare be here
Except those with nothing left to lose.

The dance holds no more enchantment for me
As I wonder where I went wrong
To face an endless eternity
Alone against the world

The moon shines faintly through
The dark and threatening clouds
Silver slivers of light reflect
Shining faintly in the rain

The rhapsody long gone
The music now flat and faint
The beat of home no longer
Held close within my heart

Vacant eyes a mirror
A dull thud the beat
Of a soul forever destined
To stand alone in the rain

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