left hand side border All Hallow's Eve
© Gemma L. Holliday
26th October 2001
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The myths and lore of All Hallow's Eve
Have oft been discussed and meant to deceive.
The tales are many and facts are few
And all are designed to give a scare unto you.

Tonight the ghosts and ghouls arise,
The vampires and witches too.
They walk this earth till the sun doth rise,
For all hallows eve has at last arrived.

'Ware what thou doest this eve,
If faint of heart, thy house do not leave
For thou knowst not whom thy might find,
But let not thy fear govern thy mind.

T'is not but evil that walks this night,
For thou'll also find the odd friendly sprite.
Thus, my final words to thee, my friend,
Enjoy this All Hallow's Eve, But take not too light
The bumps in the night.

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